Little Victories

Today probably brought some hardships and stress, and maybe that’s all that you have been able to focus on. But, why don’t you try something new – focus on the little victories that you achieve each and every day.

Did you get out of bed this morning? Congratulations!
Did you drive without getting in any accidents? Way to go!
Did you make yourself a delicious meal? Woohoo!

You see what I mean? Sometimes it’s the little things that make a day special. For those who struggle with depression, an eating disorder, self-harm, or a variety of other mental illnesses – this is even more important; sometimes focusing on the little victories is the only way to get through a day. When my depression and Bulimia was at it’s worst, it was a BIG deal if I took a shower; it was a HUGE deal if I kept any food down at all. These little victories, which seem unreachable at first, turn into stepping-stones on the path to recovery.

Today, writing this first blog post was one of my little victories. What was yours?

Just remember, take life one day at a time, and reward yourself for those little victories. 


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