Day Dreaming…


Really though, is that too much to ask for? On days like today, when work is literally chaotic and I spend the day getting lost in a sea of emails – its nearly impossible not to wish that I was halfway across the world sipping on tea and relaxing with a great book.

It’s days like today where my eating disorder tries to gain a foothold in my life again, but I continue to get better at capturing my thoughts and changing them. My life IS better without my eating disorder. Instead of spending so much time and energy on it that I have no time for anything else – now I have time to do yoga and devotions, and strengthen relationships with friends and family, and so much more!

I am thankful for my recovery, that I now have space in my life for love & adventures.

Eating disorders are more dangerous and addictive then most people realize. I not only know this because of my experience, but because of the many lives I’ve been honored to be a part of that have been devastated by this disease. If you or someone you know is struggling, please visit or email me at for resources.

You are never alone!✌

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