March 1st, A Beautiful Day to Celebrate Recovery!

I hope that everyone had a beautiful Sunday!

This morning started very early as my boyfriend and I participated in the Phoenix, AZ 2015 NEDA Walk. It was an awesome experience, and happened to be the perfect way to celebrate one “official” year of Andrew and I getting to know each other.

NEDA Walks take place all over the country, and are in existence in order to raise funds for the National Eating Disorders Association and raise awareness about the severity of eating disorders and related issues.

This morning the focus was that recovery is possible. All of the speakers were extremely encouraging, and the energy throughout the whole event was so positive! I celebrated being in recovery for four years, and was ecstatic to have my boyfriend by my side to support me – as he does every day.

The walk this morning took place at the Phoenix Zoo, and an all-day zoo pass was included with registration! By the time all of the events were over the zoo was open,  so Andrew & I took advantage of the opportunity to have some fun. 🙂

NEDA Walk  kitty cat tiger lion monkey besties nat giraffe crazy blue birdnat new friend new friend parrot zebra

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