Trust – Lessons from a Horse #2

Trust is a significant word, and sometimes it is said and given too easily. For people and animals who have been through traumatic situations, trust takes on a whole new importance. As I have begun to gain my horse’s, Scooby’s, trust, I am reminded of my own journey to trust. Circumstances continuously hardened my heart until I was a young woman closed off to the world. It has taken many years and a couple of very special people to help me begin to recognize that there are good people in the world, and there is hope. As I am working towards fully trusting those that love me, I am able to recognize the huge leaps forward that Scooby is making.

IMG_20150403_173225831Join-up is an exercise that I have done with all of my horses, and its purpose is to establish a relationship & bond between horse and rider. This is where the rider lunges her/his horse until the horse begins to show signs of submission. (I use the word “submission” with hesitation because it isn’t meant to be a master-slave relationship, but more of a partnership consisting of mutual respect.) These signs include lowering of the head and licking lips, pictured to the left. This isn’t something that happens overnight and it’s an exercise that needs to be repeated over and over.

Scooby is now “going to school” for about a month, and I am trusting those working with her to help her learn to trust & respect people. Although I wish I could still see her every day, I know she is in very good hands – and I am excited to see her progress over the next several days.

Trust is a factor in every person’s life; whether it is trusting your significant other to remain loyal, trusting your best friend to keep your secrets, or even trusting the person driving the bus you take to work in the morning.

Trust is fragile; it can take seconds to break and years to repair.

Be honest. Be True. Be the Real You.

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