Parents aren’t Necessarily the People you Come from…

With Mother’s Day recently past, and Father’s Day around the corner, there is a lot of focus on parents – and rightly so. These are joyous occasions meant for families to come together and celebrate those who raised them. However, for many people there are dark sides to these days. For some, they miss their mom or dad that has passed away – but celebrate the time they did have with them. Others mourn the loss of a parent that left or abandoned their responsibilities. Others sit in darkness wishing their mom or dad would drop their addictions, stop the abuse, and genuinely care for them.

But these days are not just for biological parents. Even in seemingly hopeless situations, there is that person who shines light into a child’s life – offering hope, encouragement, and love. Whether related or not, these parental figures are to be celebrated; often they are more of a mom or dad than a biological parent.

I think one of the best songs that exemplifies these type of people is “He Didn’t Have To Be” by Brad Paisley. Check it out!<3

There are also foster parents and adoptive parents that are true mom and dads. I read an article the other day that stated that “real parents” are the people who make babies. I wanted to scream. Granted there are horrid examples of biological parents, foster parents, & adoptive parents alike – and I wouldn’t consider any of these lowlifes true parents. But let’s be real, how the child became a part of the family doesn’t matter.  Any jerk can fertilize an egg and become a father. And to be a mother goes far past just giving birth, it takes true strength and courage to raise a child.

I hope we can celebrate all of the people in our lives who helped raise us to be the people we are today. As the saying goes, sometimes it does take a village.

I want to recognize the people in my life who have been there for me, cared for me, and loved me – even when they didn’t have to. From my amazing mother to a few special father-figures, from previous teachers & administrators to some loving family-friends; you’ve all helped shape me into the woman I am today. Thank you.

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