Beauty & Acceptance


In adolesence and teenage years we are constantly faced with the challenges of acceptance; whether it’s trying to change who you are in order to be accepted or being yourself and consequently not being accepted. We see this as early as elementary school, and it is truly traumatic for some kids.

Our culture’s beauty standards certainly don’t help. Boys and girls alike grow up seeing these images that aren’t real – and they think that is what they need to look like to be handsome or beautiful. It’s simply not true, that’s why I love this quote, “To be beautiful means to be yourself…”

Unfortunately it really doesn’t change as we grow into adults. We still strive to be accepted; whether it’s by friends, co-workers, that cute guy or girl across the street… How we are accepted and what we are accepted for changes, but the principle doesn’t.

Obviously some people truly seem to have this all figured out. They know their place in the world, they are confident in who they are and are content being around the people that simply genuinely care about them. I envy those people. I have no idea where my place in this world is. Part of me just wants to be accepted and loved by everyone, but that’s just not possible. I will continue to work towards simply loving myself, only then will people who respect me and care about me be drawn to me. Because its not rocket science that people with poor self esteem and/or bad body image are attracted to people who either share their struggle or take advantage of it.

So, cheers my friends. Here is to loving ourselves as we are. True beauty is amplified when we are happy and confident in our skin – just as we are.

💙 N.O.

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