I dream of a world…

I dream of a world where kindness is customary,
abuse is uncommon,
and self-love is unremarkable.

I dream of a world that embraces ceaseless compassion,
views every human being as equal,
and sees beauty as more than skin-deep.

I dream of world in which consent is not a debate,
sexuality and identity are not political issues,
and “No” is an indisputable complete sentence.

I dream of a world without staggering suicide rates.

I dream of a world free from bullying.

I dream of a world full of peace, diversity and love.

I dream of world for my nephews and nieces,
my future children, their children,
and every innocent child yet to come.

In honor of every person that has lost their fight with depression, or any other mental illness or disorder, and ended their life – I will fight for a world that holds enough hope to allow every individual to be uniquely themselves and enough love to embrace them just as they are.

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