Weary of “almost”

  • Almost grown up
  • Almost acceptable
  • Almost in love
  • Almost brave
  • Almost enough
  • Almost free
  • Almost successful
  • Almost healed
  • Almost a mom
  • Almost clean
  • Almost recovered…

And so on and so forth… a seemingly perpetual state of being almost there.

It is hard to look back at this compressed version of my list of almost’s and not feel like an absolute failure. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever see anything come to fruition. Maybe I’m meant to be in this incessant experience of only “approaching” my goals and dreams so that I can encourage and help others get past their “just-about-there’s” to embrace their own truths… and I will try to do just that. And, I will also continue to move towards my destination, whether running or stumbling – I do believe that one day I will reach the finish line.

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