One of the prompts in my journal this morning directed me to identify three small or silly things that I am grateful for. Immediately my mind went to my animals… and I then realized that writing down any of their names would not actually address what was being asked. (The reason being, in case it requires explanation, is that my furbabies are four of the most significant blessings in my life.) So, I had to put my pen down and actually think for a couple of minutes. What are three seemingly miniscule things that I am grateful for?

As if it was scripted, my Google home began to cast one of my favorite tunes into my little apartment; there was number one music. The next two came easier now that I had stopped for just a moment and actually paid attention to my surroundings. A candle with one of my favorite scents was burning near me; there was number two – candles. Finally, I noticed what I was writing with; a simple yet meaningful (to me) number three – colorful pens.

As this morning has progressed, I have been surprised to realize that this simple direction has changed my perspective, at least for the day. I have found myself acknowledging and smiling at inconsequential occurrences that I would have normally not taken note of; such as the way my dog groans like an old woman when she stretches after her nap, or how cute my mousepad is.

All that to say, I hope you take a moment to appreciate a little thing today that makes you smile.

It’s a good day to be thankful.

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