What a Beautiful Day 🌞

I don’t usually describe 104° days as “beautiful,” but lately I’m realizing that I really need to change my perspective on some things. As I was walking into work this morning with the sun not yet making an appearance, I heard the birds singing. It seemed surreal to me that they were chirping when the stars were still shining. But honestly, I needed them this morning. I leave for work at 4:00am, and it’s a lonely way to start each day; I even have to wake my dog up to give her breakfast!

But today, the birds’ chorus was a really lovely reminder to look (or listen) for the light in dark places, and find beauty in the ordinary.

Happy Monday! ❤️


Seasons, Chapters & Changes

Whether it’s marriage, a new baby, or retirement, we always hear, “enjoy this new season of life”, or “what an exciting chapter ahead of you”. Ultimately, all anyone is trying to say is enjoy the journey – but that is often easier said than done.

Not every season can be Spring, and not every chapter will be the happy ending. We also face times of uncertainty, anxiety, unemployment, illness, death of loved ones, and so much more.

All this to say that using the words “season” or “chapter” make change sound a little less scary. Because let’s be real, change IS scary. It can be good or it can be bad, but the fear is real either way.

Ryan and I find ourselves facing a lot of changes right now. Including a new season of home ownership and a new chapter called marriage. It’s a lot, and as excited as we are, it’s still terrifying.

As I was thinking about seasons, chapters & changes this morning – this popped up on my Pinterest, and it just fits so perfectly. Immediately my anxiety evaporated. All of my life, in every season – He is still God. Can I get an amen?!

For me – it makes change a little less intimidating when I know that the next chapter of my life is already written by the One who calls me His child.

👐 NT

Sibling Day!

In the midst of life’s chaos, you always have your siblings. I just can’t quite get into words how important the title “sister” is to me.

No matter how much distance between us, or days since our last conversation, the bonds between us as siblings can never be broken.

I am lucky enough to have an amazing twin, sister, brother & their spouses + step siblings + a bonus sister to be acquired in August! I am blessed. 💕

Nathan – my twin, my “built-in best friend.” My life literally wouldn’t be the same without you.

Lainie – my big sister, my role model, my matron of honor, and one of the biggest supporters and encouragers in my life.

I hope everyone hugs their loved ones a little closer today; whether a biological sister or sister-from-another-mister — don’t take them for granted. ✌️


Late Night Thoughts, Vol 3

This past week, and today. I’ve been brought back down to earth. Not necessarily in a terrible way, but gently reminded that there’s still a lot I need to face. I’ve been neglecting my recovery and pretending to be okay, but I’m not okay, and that’s okay too. Nonetheless, I absolutely refuse to allow my past to steal the present that I’ve worked so hard for.

Tomorrow is a new day, and it will not be lost.