After the Wedding…

It is pretty incredible how much goes into planning a wedding. We focused on that one day in August for over a year. There was no energy wasted thinking about what it would be like to come home, back to a reality, after 21 days of a whirlwind of pre-wedding week activities, the actual wedding, and then the honeymoon.

Let me tell you, it was weird. It seems that I’ve been in a daze since we got home. A combination of “is this actually real life” and “what do I stress about now?”

I’ve been Mrs. Norton for over a month, but I’m just now starting to settle into this “Wife” role. Maybe once we get the Thank You notes sent out it’ll feel a bit more solidified, hehe.

All of this to say, hi there. We’re alive, and loving this journey forward as husband and wife. Happy to report that there actually is life on the other side of a wedding. For awhile there, I thought everything would kind of stand still after August 18th. 😏

🖤 N.N.

Seasons, Chapters & Changes

Whether it’s marriage, a new baby, or retirement, we always hear, “enjoy this new season of life”, or “what an exciting chapter ahead of you”. Ultimately, all anyone is trying to say is enjoy the journey – but that is often easier said than done.

Not every season can be Spring, and not every chapter will be the happy ending. We also face times of uncertainty, anxiety, unemployment, illness, death of loved ones, and so much more.

All this to say that using the words “season” or “chapter” make change sound a little less scary. Because let’s be real, change IS scary. It can be good or it can be bad, but the fear is real either way.

Ryan and I find ourselves facing a lot of changes right now. Including a new season of home ownership and a new chapter called marriage. It’s a lot, and as excited as we are, it’s still terrifying.

As I was thinking about seasons, chapters & changes this morning – this popped up on my Pinterest, and it just fits so perfectly. Immediately my anxiety evaporated. All of my life, in every season – He is still God. Can I get an amen?!

For me – it makes change a little less intimidating when I know that the next chapter of my life is already written by the One who calls me His child.

👐 NT