Find Something Good

How are we supposed to stay positive when there is so much tragedy, despair & evil in our world right now? It feels impossible, but there are some things we can do.

Here’s my take.

#1 – Prayer. Please, please pray. Our world, our country,  our leaders, our communities need prayer. Not only is prayer powerful, but there is something so freeing about giving it all to the only one who is truly in control.

#2 – FIND THE GOOD in anything & everything… Find something good in the tragedy. With the deadliest shooting in our country’s modern history happening less than 48 hours ago,  we are all heartbroken. Adding to that brokenness is some of our leaders & the media. Instead of focusing on the lives lost and recognizing the humanity in each of us, people are making it POLITICAL. But folks, this is not political. WHO CARES if the victims were  Republican / Democrat, Gay / Straight, Black / White, Male / Female, Old / Young, etc, etc. Stephen Paddock did not discriminate when he fired into the crowd. For some unknown reason, he wanted death, fear and destruction for everyone at that concert, and that’s just what he got. We all know the gory details, but what isn’t getting much coverage is the way our country is pulling together in light of this horrific event. Blood banks had people lined up all day yesterday, thousands and thousands of dollars have been donated to help the families of the victims. Try to find the good.



I am admittedly a very nostalgic person- sometimes to my detriment. I tend to focus on the past, both good times and bad. This is something that I am trying to do less as I focus on staying grounded. I could never emphasize enough how important it is to appreciate where we’ve been and what we’ve been through, but that doesn’t mean we need to let our pasts run our futures.

Let’s be present and enjoy each moment as it comes. I know that every word in this chapter of my life will be memories that I will treasure forever.

Here’s to today.


She Made Broken Look Beautiful…


It’s that time of year – I can’t help but look back and be disappointed by where I am in life right now. But dwelling on what’s done is not going to do any good. What I can do is learn from my mistakes, and there are definitely plenty of lessons available from the last few months.

Most importantly – this year will be a year of zero excuses. I will have a plan, and I will be successful. My heart can’t take another year of despising myself. This is the year I will learn to love myself and be a better me. I will do this for me, with everything that I have to lose as my motivation.


Grace, Beauty, Spirit & Freedom

Tinker Quote

Words cannot even begin to describe how important my horse is in my life, and how much she helps me every day. She always waits for me with her head over her gate. She neighs when she sees me… she loves me.

She truly is graceful; she is beautiful. She has so much spirit, she helps me find mine.

Freedom – such a powerful word. It’s been a key word in my recovery too, it is what I strive for. Freedom from my eating disorder, freedom from depression, freedom from self-hatred; freedom found only in Christ. I feel this freedom every time I’m on the back of my gentle little mare. It’s a feeling like no other; like the world is ours to conquer.

Whatever makes you feelย free, cherish it. Whether it is on the back of a horse, behind the wheel, running or writing… never give it up.

Be free. โœŒ

๐Ÿ’™ N.O.