Love Is

Love is

Love is a stranger’s smile
Love is a mother’s hug
Love is a father’s pride
Love is a brother’s high-five
Love is a sister’s support
Love is a grandmother’s encouragement
Love is a grandfather’s stories
Love is a mentor’s guidance
Love is a friend’s text
Love is a dog’s excitement
Love is a cat’s purr
Love is all the little things
Love is a good morning kiss
Love is soup when you’re sick
Love is flowers after a hard day
Love is judgement-free
Love is forgiveness when it hurts
Love is accepting without understanding
Love is all of this and so much more
Love is love
& Love is all around us

You’re Alive 🌻

Good morning, and welcome to today. How incredible, to wake up and be alive. What a waste it would be to just exist. I know far too much of my life has been spent just going through the motions.

We wake up this morning with an opportunity to change the world. It doesn’t mean we have to cure cancer, or eliminate world hunger.

The world can be changed with just a smile.

Your smile can be exactly what someone needs to get through the day. Changing one life means changing the world in the smallest, simplest, sweetest of ways.

You are alive; so live, be love & smile. 🙂