Resilience, a word defined as “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.” I’ve heard this word thrown around a lot lately, as quite frankly we are all going through a difficult time- whether that be physically, mentally or emotionally.

Resilience to me, though, is more than just making it through tough times. To me, to be resilient means to fight to get through and come out stronger than you were before. Resilience is what I strive for. I’m so tired of just surviving; just “being.”

Ever since I returned from rehab last year I feel that so much of my focus has been on just making it through. First it was getting back into the “real world”, then I needed to make it through my first days back to work, then months went by. Most recently I’ve had to navigate the work from home thing, and I’m barely figuring that out.

I want to start F I G H T I N G again. Fighting for my marriage, fighting for my family, fighting for my life. I am so done being stagnant…this isn’t living. I’m done just making it through the obstacles life throws at me, I want to be resilient, and I am determined to come out stronger on the other side.